Hi! My name is Thomas Drew and I’m an artist, writer and filmmaker! 


I grew up in Dubai as a half-English, half-Vietnamese nerd, and I’ve always held a great love for all things creative. From building Lego as a young lad to making lame videos for school projects when everyone else opted to do presentations, I am always on the search for creative fulfilment.


With my art, I am constantly trying to improve my techniques, particularly in character design and background artwork. I have a passion for talking about anything and everything about film, and even had a film review segment on BBC Radio Berkshire! I enjoy creating videos and short films as well, from writing the initial lines of dialogue right down to the final edit. 


Recently, I've been focused on editing quirky videos, from film critiques to comedic skits. I'm also working on a film-related podcast with my co-host from the radio show! I've also been able to put my artistic skills to use by producing illustrations for a Marvel news site!

For more information on my academic background and work experience, click here for my CV!​