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A Quick Introduction

Hi! My name is Thomas Drew and I’m a writer, illustrator and video editor! 

Always in pursuit of exciting creative endeavours, I'm incredibly passionate about exploring projects across different disciplines and mediums. Whether it be through engaging with the art of others or creating content of my own, I love expressing myself creatively and connecting with others.

Currently, I write and edit articles for The Direct, a pop culture news website where I have also been able to put my artistic skills to use by producing illustrations for a few features! Speaking of art, I also create other illustrations both original and inspired by various film, TV shows and video games. 

Previously, I co-hosted a film review segment on BBC Radio Berkshire, where I would discuss the latest cinematic and streaming releases on air. I also edited social media content for JES Media, ranging from bite-sized videos to longer-form interviews.

For more information on my academic background and work experience, click here for my CV!​

For more examples of my writing, click here!

Get in Contact!

Instagram: @tomdrewart

Twitter:      @tomdrewart


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